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Rexxar and Misha dominate Battlegrounds with their dual presence, defending allies and chasing down foes.

Sonya Rising

Sonya has been an underdog for some time, but being misunderstood isn’t the same as being weak.

Anticipating Rexxar

Rexxar is an upcoming hero with some unique and exciting mechanics. Get hyped as we break down what we know so far.

The Rise of the Bruiser

Korean team MvP Black brought the hurt to PAX Prime – how will their landslide victory affect the ensuing meta?

Kharazim in the Meta

Kharazim’s place in the meta is uncertain. Join us as we analyze his kit and a Korean game, looking for a home.

Burst-master Butcher

While The Butcher makes for a late-game powerhouse, speccing for ganks destroys squishies and helps his team snowball.

Positional Pressure

Positioning is one of the most important aspects of gameplay. This video goes over positioning advice with all Heroes.

Mercenary Overview

Mercenary camps are a valuable resource. This video goes over some basic strategies with Knights and Siege.


Watch this video to learn about Orbwalking! It’s a fundamental skill for competitive play usable by any hero.


Swift and mobile, Kharazim unleashes heals between flurries of fists. His trait allows him to adapt game to game.

Multishot Valla

Valla boasts a number of viable builds in the current meta. This guide goes over her Multishot build.

Using the Garden Terror

The Garden Terror is easy to use, but difficult to master. This video goes over strategies when using the monstrosity.

Battlefield of Eternity

With two lanes and an arena-like middle, this map is driven by conflicts in center field’s objective – The Immortal.