Free Week Nemeses: Weekly MVPs

2/9 – 2/16

Here we are again, with another free rotation for Heroes of the Storm. As always, we’ve got our comprehensive list of Heroes that we believe will be valuable in combating the free rotation Heroes Blizzard has blessed us with this week. While Quick Match isn’t 100% composed of Heroes from this list, you’re definitely going to see some of them this week.

While none of these Heroes are the be-all-end-all of Quick Match domination, we’re confident that the following heroes will give you a leg up and allow you to capitalize on the strategic weaknesses of your opponents. Lets get started!

Here are the free heroes this week:

  1.  Li Li
  2.  E.T.C.
  3.  The Butcher
  4.  Kael’thas
  5.  Johanna
  6.  SGT. Hammer
  7.  Arthas
  8.  Brightwing
  9.  Zeratul
  10.  The Lost Vikings

This week we’re up against a wide variety of Heroes. With Heroes like Brightwing and Lost Vikings in the mix, it’s going to be important to bring picks that can soak lanes in equal capacity, have a composition that’s all about full engagement for objectives. Because we’re also going up against Heroes like Kael’thas and Sgt. Hammer, we’re going to be recommending early-game picks that capitalize on the weaknesses of those Heroes.

Weekly Free Rotation Nemeses

1. Li-Ming

Given that Li-Ming has been in just about every game since her released, it might seem silly to recommend her. However, the wizard is truly a nemesis of this week’s free rotation. While The Butcher and Zeratul can give her problems, the rest of the rotation gets picked apart by her long-ranged fusillade. An entrenched Sgt. Hammer is a sitting duck for Arcane Orb + Magic Missile combos, and The Lost Vikings provide three juicy bodies for Li-Ming to reset her abilities with.

Well-placed Arcane Orbs with the Ess of Johan talent can interrupt ETC’s Mosh Pit, making her even more of an asset this week. Li-Ming’s Teleport allows her to sidestep Arthas roots and Kael’thas stuns, but she needs to keep her distance from Brightwing this week. An untimely Polymorph can spell death for the intrepid yet fragile wizard. With strong positioning and an unending barrage of arcane spells, Li-Ming can murder this week’s opposition.


2. Rexxar

Li Li and ETC are bringing two high-priority channeled abilities to this week’s fray. While Rexxar himself can do little to stop this, Misha is both willing and able (although she’ll have to time it well to interrupt ETC’s heroic). Misha is also excellent at pressuring Sgt. Hammer, Kael’thas, and Brightwing, all of whom rely on precise positioning to be most effective.

While Zeratul and The Butcher can give Rexxar a hard time, he has Misha as his own personal peeling engine. When a melee assassin begins to chase Rexxar down, sic Misha on them to punish their boldness. Time Misha, Charge! to slow the enemy’s pursuit while wedging an angry bear between them and yourself. Misha can harass, stun, peel, and pressure with relative impunity, making her invaluable against this week’s lineup.

3. Uther

Stuns and burst heals are great for this week. Being able to stun ETC out of a Mosh Pit as it’s about to go off is a huge power play. Divine Shield can save a priority target from either ETC’s lockdown or Zeratul/The Butcher’s vicious aggression. His reliable stun is also great for peeling and locking down slippery heroes like Brightwing or Sgt. Hammer. What’s more, Uther’s bursty heals can cause heroes like Butcher and Zeratul to overextend for weak allies. When Uther spikes their health pools back up, he and the fleeing hero can often turn the tables on the overaggressive assassin.

Because Uther can put out heals postmortem, he’s a powerful support versus ETC. Even if he gets caught in a Mosh Pit and bursted down, he still has a valuable window where he can heal his teammates. Post-20, he can even resurrect for a bit of Uther Benedict. For these reasons, Uther is in a prime spot to support for the week.


4. Abathur

Recommendation. Appropriate. Against the likes of The Lost Vikings and Sgt. Hammer, a team needs an experience-soaking countermeasure — a role Abathur fits admirably. His ability to amplify a single teammate with Symbiote is a huge boon in games where the enemy numbers may be inflated by The Lost Vikings. While being down a body might seem like a huge detriment, Ultimate Evolution somewhat alleviates this. Smart Abathurs can clone an ally with a stun to help interrupt channels or copy a damage dealer to dive the back line (hello Hammer!).

Abathur enjoys a wealth of viable build paths — use this to your advantage this week. A Toxic Nest build, for example, slows down rotations and neuters roaming for ganks. The Butcher, Arthas, and especially Zeratul will curse your slimy behind as they’re dismounted and substantially slowed for the third time on their way to the tribute. Similarly, Locust Strain will punish teams that get too caught up in brawling to watch their lanes. Building towards locusts is especially strong on bigger maps against The Lost Vikings and Sgt. Hammer.


5. Greymane

Greymane is the kind of hero that you corner with three teammates at your side and still trade 1-to-1 with. His burst is surprising and decisive, often punishing whomever decides to dive onto him. He also has strong poke, allowing him to chunk down enemies from afar before pouncing upon someone. This combination of poke and burst allows deft Greymane players to murder backline players with little room for retaliation. Using Gilnean Cocktail to whittle down the likes of Sgt. Hammer and Kael’thas is an excellent prelude to jumping in and tearing them apart.

If you’ve played Greymane, you’ve probably surmised that Go For The Throat is the more consistent option. It’s quick, bursty, versatile, and downright vicious. Go For The Throat‘s second cast is easy to pull off on low-HP targets such as The Lost Vikings and Kael’thas, allowing him to get a lot of mileage out of this 60-second cooldown heroic. Watch for a little red icon to appear over low enemies. This indicates that a GFTT will do enough damage to kill that enemy and grant the free cast.