Tomb of the Spider Queen


Tomb of the Spider Queen is a 3 lane, fast-paced map where Heroes fight for control over Spider Gems. There are two locations in the middle of the map, called the Spider Queen’s Altar, which allow each team to turn in their Spider Gems. Once your team has collected enough, the Webweavers will spawn on your furthest Minion wave in each lane, and proceed to push towards the enemy’s core. Tomb of the Spider Queen has a number of Smoke Bushes throughout the map, which are located around Mercenary Camps, and each Spider Queen’s Altar.

The Knights are located in between the middle and bottom lane, closest to your team’s Inner Towers. There is also a Boss camp which spawns at the top of the map, and a Siege camp at the bottom.


Each wave of Minions has 3 Spider Minions, which when killed will drop a Spider Gem each. The main objective on Tomb of the Spider Queen is to try and deny your opponents from collecting and turning in their Spider Gems. Having control over the Spider Queen’s Altars is a crucial component to being successful on this map, as the team with more Webweavers is usually the team that’s pressuring the map harder, and gaining more experience. Tomb of the Spider Queen is fast paced, and frenetic – focusing very heavily on scoring kills on your opponents. Heroes that can roam quickly and possess a high amount of Crowd Control excel on this map.

When you die, you lose all of your Spider Gems; however, they remain active for a short duration, allowing your teammates to swoop in and collect the lost bounty.

Mercenaries and Bosses

The Mercenary and Siege camps spawn at 2:00, allowing each team their own set of Knights, and a neutral Siege camp on the Southern side of the map. The Knights roam into the Middle lane, while the Siege camp stays on the Bottom lane – pushing towards the enemy’s Core.

Similar to other maps, the Mercenary and Siege camps are best utilized to force your opponents into fighting a battle in two locations. If your team has sufficient Spider Gems to spawn a set of Webweavers, then claiming your Knights or the Siege camp is a very effective way to force some of your opponents into dealing with them in the lane — granting you an easier turn in. Once the Webweavers begin their spawning sequence, the camps become unavailable – unless someone leashed them prior to turning in. This is a great strategy for lane pushing, because you can have someone leash your Knights, turn in Spider Gems, then finish off your Knights. The Middle lane will now have 4 Knights and a Webweaver to lay waste to enemy structures.


Unlike other maps, Tomb of the Spider Queen gives you the biggest incentive to push your Minion waves to pressure the enemy team. Early game lane pressure is extremely important on this map, as it generally equates to your team getting the first wave of Webweavers, which will usually result in the first Level 7 and Level 10 talents. Heroes with a high amount of lane-clear do very well on this map – so pressure hard during the early game, and do your best to survive. If played properly, the early game pressure will usually grant your team the first turn in.

As I said earlier, Tomb of the Spider Queen is a very small map, which rewards players for choosing aggressive Heroes that can dominate early game skirmishes. Choosing Heroes with high amounts of kill pressure will also be very beneficial to your team, because it will provide you with the necessary pressure to get those Spider Gems turned in. Use the Smoke Bushes to set up ambushes at the Spider Queen’s Altar, and always pay attention to where your enemy is trying to turn their gems in.