Sky Temple is a larger, 3 lane map where Heroes fight for dominance over the Crocodile, Snake and Jackal Shrines. Each team has a Siege Giant camp on the bottom side, Knight camp on the top side and can battle for control over the single neutral Boss camp in the center of the map. Because Sky Temple is such a large Battleground, Mercenary control is quite crucial, as it requires a significant amount of time to rotate or relocate across the map.

The single Vision Circle is located in the top-middle portion of the map, and is a point of much contention. Having control over the Vision Circle is a huge asset, as it allows the team to see when their enemies are closing in on Shrine locations.



In Sky Temple, Heroes battle for control over the Crocodile, Snake and Jackal temples to use their power to destroy the enemy team’s core. The first set of temples spawn at 1:30, and are always the two located top and middle. In order to secure the objective for your team, you need to group up inside the center temple circle, and defend against waves of guardians. The temples themselves have a specific amount of ammunition, which can be seen at the top of the temple itself. Once all of the basic ammunition is used, you can leave the temple, and it will conclude by shooting 5 powered-up blasts at your enemy’s structures – dealing massive damage.

The temples spawn in a specific pattern. The pattern can be used to determine when to take your Siege or Knight camps, so you can pressure the enemy team in multiple locations on the map.

The Crocodile Temple is Top

The Snake Temple is Middle

The Jackal Temple is Bottom

          #1 Crocodile / Snake

          #2 Jackal

          #3 Crocodile / Snake

          #4 Crocodile / Jackal

          #5 Snake

          #6 Crocodile / Snake

          #7 Crocodile / Snake / Jackal

          #8 Crocodile / Snake

Memorize and use these spawning sequences to organize your teammates into grouping up to take control over the temples. Decisiveness is an asset on Sky Temple – organizing pre-emptively will give your team the upper hand.

Mercenaries and Bosses

On Sky Temple, Mercenary camps spawn at the 2:00 mark, and are very useful in pressuring the map during Temple sequences. By capturing your camps at specific times, you can force your enemy team into making difficult decisions by pressuring them in multiple areas at once.

  • Capture your team’s Knight camp approximately 1:30 after the first 2 temples have been exhausted. This will always force your opponents into a lose-lose situation, because they will have to send people top to deal with Knights, and bottom for the Jackal temple which spawns next.
  • Boss is an incredible tool for forcing your opponents off of a temple. It’s basically the best way of securing your team a full temple rotation, because the Boss deals far too much damage to be left alone. If you find a opening to secure the Boss for your team with very little risk of failure, do so – as it will greatly benefit your team when it comes to capturing the next temple.
  • Similar to the first spawn sequence, use your Siege camps during temple phases to force your opponents to send someone to the bottom lane to deal with impending Siege damage.


Sky Temple rewards teams that are able to pressure the map on a global scale. Because of the size of the map, Specialists play a very important role in pressuring lanes, because it forces teams to react to so many different things across a wide range of terrain.

  • The current Meta is 2 Top, 2 Mid and 1 Bottom, because of the initial spawning sequence.
  • If your team is able to take 1/2 temples on the first round, while having someone push the bottom lane for free, it can equate in an extremely large experience lead for your team. Make sure you’re communicating if this is the strategy you plan on using.
  • Mercenary camps play an extremely crucial role on Sky Temple. Capture your Knights approximately 1:30 after the end of the first set of Temples. This will force your opponents into either a: losing their top structures to your Knights, or b: losing the Jackal temple because they’re outnumbered. By memorizing the spawning sequence of temples, you can implement this strategy with other temples as well.
  • Heroes with high lane pressure, or global map pressure excel on this map.