Dragon Shire



Dragon Shire is a medium sized 3 lane battleground that involves king-of-the-hill style gameplay, with a Dragon Knight that can be controlled by any Hero. There is a Dragon Shrine in the top lane, and one in the bottom lane. When either team has control over both of these shrines, a Hero can use the Dragon Statue in the middle of the map to be transformed into the Dragon Knight. 

Each team has a Knight camp above the middle lane, and a Siege camp below it. There is a neutral Knight camp below the bottom shrine as well!


Dragon Shire revolves very heavily around team-work, because that’s exactly what getting the Dragon Knight requires. Having both of the shrines captured allows your team to channel the statue and become the Dragon Knight.  Similar to Garden of Terror, the knight is able to completely devastate structures if left unchecked – yet he actually does substantial damage to Heroes throughout the game as well.

The first set of Dragon Shrines begin spawning at 0:40, and have a 0:30 second spawn timer. Being on top of the shrine at the 1:10 mark will allow your team to begin capturing the shrine. Once a shrine is captured for your team, you don’t need to remain on the shrine unless you opponents are trying to take it back.

Use your map awareness, and try to rotate into the middle lane when both shrines are under your team’s control.



Mercenaries and Bosses

Mercenary camps spawn at 2:00 on Dragon Shire, but work a bit differently from most battlegrounds. Similar to Garden of Terror, camps disappear once someone enters the Dragon Knight. Because of this change, it’s best to get your camps before a shrine spawns, or whenever is most convenient.

  • Getting camps before a shrine spawns will force your opponents to give up the Dragon Shrine, because their structures will get pushed in too easily.
  • You can get your camps pretty easily after the Dragon Knight has been defeated, as it’s usually a lower-intensity part of this battleground. Use your new camps to pressure the map, and set up for the next round of shrines.
  • It can be useful to take the Knight camp or Siege camp during a Dragon Shrine phase, and put multiple Heroes in the lane they’re pushing to destroy structures. This way, you can quickly fall back to the shrine if someone is trying to capture it, and it will force your opponents to react to your team.



The Dragon Knight is a very useful team-fighting component on Dragon Shire. Using the Dragon Knight‘s abilities properly can result in a devastating team-fight, or allow your team to get forts and keeps with relative ease.

  • Use the Dragon Knight‘s Q ability on structures. It burns them over time, and does a tremendous amount of unavoidable damage to structures.
  • If you’re not in range to attack structures with the Dragon Knight, attack enemy heroes. Your Basic Attack damage is quite substantial, and can kill enemy Heroes fairly quickly.
  • Use the Dragon Knight‘s W ability to punt away crucial enemy heroes, such as Supports or Warriors. If angled properly, you can punt them over terrain, resulting in them being out of the fight for an extended period of time.
  • Timing is everything with the Dragon Knight: don’t rush into fights and take a ton of damage – try to last the entire length of time that’s given to you to maximize pressure on the map.
  • Rotate into the middle lane as your allies are beginning to capture both shrines. That way you’ll be able to capture the Dragon Knight before your opponents can react. (given you have the opportunity to take both shrines)