Cursed Hollow



Cursed Hollow is a very large 3 lane battleground, with tons of room for fighting and lots of Mercenary camps. For the Blue Team, there is a Knight and Boss camp below middle lane, and a Siege camp and Vision Circle above it. For the Red team, the Siege and Vision Circle are below middle, while the Knight and Boss camp are above it.

Between each lane lies a jungle full of terrain, and Vision Bushes. Be careful in these areas, as they’re the most contested part of the map – because the Tributes spawn in this location.


Cursed Hollow‘s main objective is to collect 3 Raven Lord Tributes. The first team to collect 3 Tributes casts a deadly curse on their opponents, which causes their Minions to have 1 Health and disables structures from doing damage. The curse is extremely powerful, because it allows the winning team to push down multiple lanes, essentially free from harm. The result is a team that’s quite ahead in terms of experience, and often times dictates the next bit of the game.

The Tributes’ initial spawn location is random, and happens around the 2:45 mark. Look out for the Raven Skull on the minimap which signifies the location of the Tribute – and make sure you’re prepared to fight!

Mercenaries and Bosses

Because of the size of Cursed Hollow, Mercenary and Siege camps provide the extra utility of having to force players to run a great distance to deal with their push.

  • There 2 Boss camps on Cursed Hollow, which can often times be taken in succession. If your team takes the first Boss, it usually results in your opponents grouping to kill it – which leaves you free time to get the second Boss, then push with it.
  • As always, capture your Knight and Siege camps in between Tribute sequences. This will cause your opponents to fight in different locations on the map, which makes taking the Tribute easier.
  • Getting a Boss before the Tribute spawns when your team has 2/3 Tributes can be extremely devastating. It will force your opponent to give your team the last Tribute, and allow your Boss to decimate their structures.



Cursed Hollow rewards Heroes with map awareness, and timing. By properly split pushing, or capturing Mercenary camps before Tributes spawn, you can snowball your team into significant experience leads during the early game.

  • Having 5/5 of your team at the first Tribute isn’t always necessary. The amount of experience you can gain by having 1 of your team in a lane during the Tribute can be devastating. If your team does plan on utilizing this strategy, don’t engage 4v5 for the Tribute – instead, poke your opponents off of capturing to maximize the amount of time your teammate is soaking experience for.
  • If you’re a ranged damage dealer, use your abilities to interrupt your opponents from capturing the Tribute. Any Area of Effect abilities you have should also be placed around the Tribute.
  • The Tribute locations are often in close quarters; some Ranged Assassins can stand over walls and still deal damage. Be prepared for extended fights.
  • Running out of a fight to tap the Healing Fountain can be a useful tool for extending the team fight. Do so at the most opportune time!