Blackheart’s Bay


Blackheart’s Bay is a fairly large, 3 lane map that has Heroes collecting Doubloons and fighting for objective control to pay off Blackheart. In the center area of the map, there is a giant Vision Circle, which is an early point of contention on this Battleground, as it allows teams to see everything that’s going on on the topside of the map. There are two Doubloon Chests that spawn at 50 seconds into the game, and then periodically after that. One is located at the bottom of the Middle lane, and the other is at the top of the Bottom lane. These chests each hold 5 Doubloons, so maintaining control of these areas around spawn time is a crucial aspect to this map. Blackheart himself is located in between Middle and Bottom, surrounded by Smoke Bushes.

There is a neutral Boss camp at the very top of the map, two Knight camps near top, two Siege camps near the bottom side, and a neutral Knight camp at the very bottom of the map. Beside each team’s Knights and Siege there are also Doubloon camps, which yield a Regeneration Globe and 2 Doubloons – these are extremely easy to kill.


The main objective on Blackheart’s Bay is to collect Doubloons, and pay off Blackheart. The first payment to Blackheart costs 10 coins – then 12, then 14 and so on. Blackheart’s Bay focuses almost entirely upon skirmishing, and collecting Mercenary camps.

Each Mercenary camp yields 2 Doubloons, in addition to the 5 from each Doubloon Chest, and 2 from each Doubloon Camp. With all camps active, that’s a total of 30 Doubloons available across the map.

Make sure you collect coins that enemy Heroes drop – you don’t want that Booty going to your opponents!


Mercenaries and Bosses

Mercenary and Siege camps play a crucial role on Blackheart’s Bay. Similar to other battlegrounds, they provide you with split pressure so you can get objectives easier.

  • If you capture a Knight or Siege camp, the enemy team will have to respond by sending a Hero to that lane to destroy them.
  • With that number advantage, it’ll give your team a free opportunity to turn in your Doubloons to Blackheart, which will lead to destroying structures and gaining experience for your team.
  • Use the Boss to get a free turn in, or push with it to destroy structures.



The current meta on Blackheart’s Bay, is to have a specialist – or someone with global map presence in the bottom lane, while the rest of the team group’s mid.

  • The Vision Circle is extremely useful, but not always the best to fight for right off the bat – don’t die for it.
  • The first Doubloon Chest spawns at 0:50 into the game. Having 4 ready to capture the top chest increases your odds of getting coins.
    • Once the LAST CHEST has been broken, the chests begin a respawn timer between +2:30 up to +3:15. Being prepared for the spawn by taking Mercenary camps is useful for distracting your opponents.
  • Destroy the Doubloon Camps as often as possible. They’re very easy to kill, and offer 2 Doubloons and a Regeneration Globe.
  • Use your Tab key to see how many coins each player has, and start bounty hunting