Battlefield of Eternity


Battlefield of Eternity is a 2 lane map, which consists of a central area where each team can fight over possession of their Immortal. The Immortals spawn at one of 4 circles — where the forces of Heaven have to defend their Immortal, Ilarian, and the forces of Hell must defend their Immortal, Beleth. The North and South camps play host to a new type of Mercenary, called the Khazra, which are a replacement for the traditional Siege Giant. The East and West Mercenary camps are occupied by the Fallen Shaman, which replace the Knights.


At the 1:45 marker, each team’s Immortal begins it’s spawning sequence. Ilarian and Beleth always spawn across from each other, and have a fairly significant Health pool. The first team to kill their opponents Immortal, has their own Immortal spawn and fight for them. The amount of Health remaining on the surviving Immortal directly effects how much of an addition shield they have when they’re fighting for you — as a result, it’s best to try and keep your Immortal healthy. Once either Immortal reaches the 50% Health mark, they collide in the middle of the map and change locations – again, directly facing each other. Once this happens, the fight continues until either Ilarian or Beleth is defeated.


Mercenaries and Bosses

At precisely 2:00 into the game, the Khazra and Fallen Shaman make their way onto the Battlefield.

Similar to most Mercenary camps, they’re most effective when used as a split-pushing tool. Capturing your Khazra and Fallen Shaman before the Immortals spawn will force pressure onto the enemy team on two fronts – and if History has taught us anything, it makes the result catastrophic for your enemy.

Because Battlefield of Eternity is a team-fight centric map, the Khazra and Fallen Shaman should almost exclusively be used to spread out your enemy forces. If you’re able to capture your Immortal, and get a quick camp capture, that can also help out quite a lot when it comes to grouping up and pushing down enemy structures. Remember, these camps are a useful resource, and should be captured with a purpose in mind.



  • Immortals play a very important role during the later stages of the game, but aren’t as impactful during the early game.
  • Depending on your team’s composition, it can be much more beneficial to keep 1 allied Hero in lane, pushing and gaining experience, while the rest of your team is busy keeping your enemy from destroying your Immortal.
  • The amount of experience gained through this strategy is much more advantageous than claiming the 1st Immortal for your team, and can sometimes snowball into additional talents, which is essentially a free 2nd Immortal.
  • Choosing strong early game Heroes can lead your team into winning early skirmishes, claiming the first Immortal, and can often times snowball into quick victories.
  • Battlefield of Eternity is a very small map, with super tight corridors. Roaming from lane-to-lane can be extremely effective for catching enemy Heroes off guard, and scoring free kills.
  • There are no Vision Circles on BoE, so waiting for enemy Heroes to walk by while you’re invisible in a bush can be a great way to catch enemy Heroes during their map rotations.
  • Heroes with vision granting abilities are very useful for securing objective control in the middle of the map.