Champion of the Horde


Rexxar and his animal companions work together to overpower the other heroes in the Nexus. This unique hero is focused around Misha the bear, a summon who is permanently at Rexxar’s side. With her high health and thick hide, she creates an impenetrable frontline while the hunter himself throws axes and support from the background. With a stun, a slow, and a heal, Rexxar makes a powerful individual force in the lane and jungle.

Rexxar himself is ranged and rather squishy. As such, he must leverage the bulky Misha to harass opponents, zone, and gank. Misha can’t travel too far from him, meaning he must position himself well to best take advantage of her presence. Because Misha has a short death cooldown and rewards only a quarter of a kill, she can maul through minion waves and clumps of heroes with little risk.

  • Damage
  • Tankiness
  • Healing
  • Self-sustain
  • Utility
  • Mobility


Misha (D)

Misha, Follow!

Activate to command Misha to stay by your side.

If Misha dies, she will revive in 14.5 (+0.5 per level) seconds.

Rexxar’s trait is modal. Activating Misha, Follow! will keep Misha passive and near the hero, while switching to Misha, Attack! will increase her leash and cause her to engage aggressively. Use Misha, Follow! to recall Misha, allowing the bear to shake focus fire and heal up with Mend Pet. Thumbing this option quickly will also allow a Rexxar to micromanage Misha to an extent by reeling her closer, perhaps for zoning or peeling purposes.

Misha, Attack!

Activate to command Misha to attack your enemies.

If Misha dies, she will revive in 14.5 (+0.5 per level) seconds.

Misha, Attack! puts the bear on the offensive, causing her leash to extend and for her to crash ahead of Rexxar while moving. Misha, Charge! will put Misha in attack mode if she is not already.

Spirit Swoop (Q)

Spirit Swoop (Q)
Mana: 40
Cooldown: 7 seconds

Deal 61 (+13 per level) damage to enemies in a line, slowing them by 30% for 2 seconds.

Throws out a relatively quick projectile in a medium line. The projectile can penetrate targets, damaging and slowing each. This is Rexxar’s source of soft CC and can be used for both chasing and fleeing. The slow can be hard to land but makes a great precursor to landing the stun from Misha, Charge! When talented towards, this ability can proffer a substantial slow, immense damage to minions, and even attack speed. Due this Spirit Swoop’s 7 second cooldown , Misha, Charge!, and a number of his talents, Rexxar’s kit excels at hunting down fleeing foes.

Misha, Charge! (W)

Misha, Charge! (W)
Mana: 45
Cooldown: 12 seconds

Misha charges in a line, dealing 35 (+5 per level) damage and stunning enemies for 1.25 seconds.

Misha, Charge! is a large part of what makes Rexxar work. As a warrior he wants to be peeling for allies and disrupting enemies – using Misha as a mammal missile is his way of doing those things. This ability vectors out from Misha, making the management of her positioning a fairly important part of using this ability. Misha passes through the enemies she hits, so it is possible to launch her through an enemy and proceed to body block with the bear once the stun is up. Players looking to improve their Rexxar play should start here – being patient and setting up this stun can separate the champions from the curs.


Mend Pet (E)

Mend Pet (E)
Mana: 55
Cooldown: 10 seconds

Heal Misha for 192 (+72 per level) Health over 5 seconds.

It’s is simple as it says – this ability heals Misha. Use Misha, Follow! and then Mend Pet to keep Misha sustained, or use Mend Pet going into a fight to give the bear some instant vitality. Because it lets him use Misha a bit more aggressively, this ability makes Rexxar a bully when it comes to lanes and mercenary camps.

Bestial Wrath (R)

Bestial Wrath (R)
Heroic Ability
Mana: 75
Cooldown: 50 seconds

Increases Misha’s Basic Attack damage by 150% for 12 seconds.

Rexxar’s ‘bear-necessity’ ultimate, Bestial Wrath, sends Misha into a berserk state. The 150% damage increase is substantial and 12 seconds is not a short time in the context of HotS skirmishes. Bestial Wrath can be especially potent when paired with talents that give Misha lifesteal – by increasing her base damage, Rexxar increases the life leeched from opponents. Even without those talents, this ability makes Misha impossible to ignore. Her attacks may be slow, but when each is hitting with the force of a low-payload nuke it only takes a stun and a few paw-falls to spell death for an enemy.

Unleash the Boars (R)

Unleash the Boars (R)
Heroic Ability
Mana: 75
Cooldown: 60 seconds

Release a herd of boars that track down all enemy Heroes in a direction, dealing 50 (+10 per level) damage, revealing, and slowing enemies by 40% for 5 seconds.

Unleash the Boars targets all enemy heroes caught in its large AoE cone, sending after each a fervid boar. The boars don’t do much damage; instead, they apply a lengthy and crippling slow. This heroic is great for games where opponents are frequently fleeing, i.e. Rexxar’s team is on the aggressive. In conjunction with the rest of his kit, Unleash the Boars makes it nearly impossible to escape from a competent Rexxar. The hunter lives!


Level 1 Talents

Recommended: Hunter-Gatherer or Block

Rexxar and Misha are, collectively, a single warrior. As such, they should look to supplement their vitality early on so they may perform the various duties of a warrior, tasks ranging from zoning to poking to tanking and grabbing mercenaries. Hunter-Gatherer will bolster the hero’s longevity throughout the game, allowing him better sustain while moving between lanes and objectives. Health globes are exceedingly easy to collect with Rexxar due to Misha’s ability to pick them up.

Grizzled Bear is another strong defensive option, even though it only applies to Misha. Being able to send her barreling into auto-attacking heroes like Raynor or Valla will go a long way towards shutting them down. Grizzled Bear gives Misha her own Block counter, allowing her to sustain through much more Basic Attack punishment than usual.

Flare is a viable pickup if Rexxar forsees running into any problems with stealth, i.e. there is a Nova or Zeratul on the other team. A niche talent, but good in certain situations.

With conscientious play, Rexxar doesn’t run into many mana problems, especially not in the laning phase. Survivalist Training will help him squeeze extra value out of health globes, but gaining a permanent bonus to health regeneration is usually preferable to a minimal amount of extra mana regen.


Level 4 Talents

Recommended: Crippling Talons

Though Rexxar excels against minions, mercenaries, and forts, he also has some sway on the battlefield. Spirit Swoop and Misha, Charge! already make a great combination for chasing down kills, so adding 10% and 1 second to Spirit Swoop‘s slow is actually pretty strong. Crippling Talons is best chosen by aggressive Rexxars who plan to attack more heroes than minions, but can really pay off in ganks and skirmishes.

For Rexxars looking to play that PvE game, Easy Prey makes Misha an absolute beast against minions and structures, allowing her to simultaneously tank them and mow them down. Beastmasters looking to solo mercenary camps and push lanes down may find this talent to their enjoyment.

Hungry Bear gives Rexxar a nice incremental heal whenever Misha attacks, scaling with Misha’s damage. This can help Rexxar sustain well through the early and mid game while giving him the gas he needs to survive through the end-game battles. This is strong on builds looking to accentuate Misha as a PvP machine.

Taking Flight‘s range increase on Spirit Swoop is nice, but the mana restoration is a fairly weak effect when held to the rest of this tier. This can be picked up if Rexxar is having trouble with long-ranged opponents or mana, but the previous talents are often better.


Level 7 Talents

Recommended: Aspect of the Beast or Throwing Axes

Because Misha, Charge! is such a powerful ability, Aspect of the Beast is probably one of Rexxar’s best talents. Taking 2 seconds off a 12 second cooldown with each of Misha’s attacks is pretty nuts, especially when the ability being refreshed is a potent stun. By selecting this talent and playing aggressively, Rexxar can have an incredible uptime on Misha, Charge! and dole out stuns with abandon.

New Rexxars will quickly find out that the way to survive is to stay out of the enemy’s reach, letting Misha take and deal the brunt of the damage. Throwing Axes grants a 25% basic attack range buff, allowing Rexxar to engage from farther away. By staying on the fringes of the fight he is able to survive longer and eke more damage/value out of Misha and the rest of his kit.

For those Rexxars looking to push through lanes like butter, Bird of Prey is an impressive choice. The 300% damage increase against non-hero units is immense, especially on an ability with a 7-second cooldown. With this talent, a single well-placed Spirit Swoop can decimate a minion wave in one hit. This is a specialized build, though, and Rexxar misses out on much power by skipping the previous two talents.

Blood of the Rhino can be picked up if Misha is dying incredibly often, but Mend Pet is one of Rexxar’s least impactful abilities and the decision to pour talents into it should be carefully measured.

Level 10 Heroics

Recommended: Either

The optimal heroic choice will likely shift from game to game and person to person with Rexxar. Unleash the Boars is an excellent ganking and chasing tool. Its massive AoE and substantial slows can turn an enemy retreat into a slaughter, which is exactly what Rexxar wants to be doing in some games. On a team with forward momentum, or against a composition with fragile heroes without reliable escape mechanisms, Unleash the Boars can to tremendous work.

On the other hand, Bestial Wrath turns Misha into a beast, allowing her to tear through squishier enemies with only a few swings. If the bear can make her way to the enemy backline, Bestial Wrath can be absolutely devastating. In conjunction with Hungry BearBestial Wrath can go a long way towards making Rexxar sustainable in teamfights. This heroic’s low cooldown makes it great for quickly securing mercenary camps and bosses.

Level 13 Talents

Recommended: Wildfire Bear or Thrill of the Hunt

Rexxar’s best games will see Misha deep within the enemy team much of the time. As such, Wildfire Bear is a great way to add incremental damage to Rexxar’s kit. People are often tentative about killing Misha when other heroes are present due to her low reward; Rexxar can exploit this by keeping Misha in the midst of teamfights, mauling and burning opponents while the chaos unfolds.

Thrill of the Hunt puts Rexxar over the top when it comes to chasing down enemy heroes, especially when paired with Throwing Axes. The extra movespeed lends him a lot of mobility in fights and ganks, allowing him to chase, kite, and escape with relative easy. Rexxar can become an incredibly obnoxious hit-and-run hero with Misha shenanigans and Thrill of the Hunt.

Barkskin improves Misha’s survivability after she charges, which can be especially good with Aspect of the Beast taking 2 seconds off Misha, Charge! with each swing of the paw. This works well against enemy teams who can react well to dives. By making Misha more resilient against such a team, Rexxar can engage and open the way for repeated stuns.

Bear Necessities adds a little bit of breathing room when it comes to landing Misha, Charge! by allowing Rexxar to recast it for free if it fails to hit a hero. This has applications for getting second chances with landing the stun and for killing minions and mercenaries with a double stun.

Level 16 Talents

Recommended: Feign Death

Ice Block is already a top-tier talent on most heroes who can grab it. 3 seconds of non-interactive invulnerability makes is so that skilled players can dodge damage and crowd control, allowing them to avoid heroics and outplay opponents. Rexxar’s Feign Death lasts 5 seconds, during which time he has full control of Misha. This talent has myriad applications and should be skipped only for very good reasons.

Primal Intimidation is a valid option against teams that rely heavily upon basic attack damage. Against Illidan, Valla, Raynor, etc., Primal Intimidation can turn around a game.

Aspect of the Hawk is the the natural progression of Rexxar’s auto-attack build. If Throwing Axes and Thrill of the Hunt are both gracing Rexxar’s talent choices, Aspect of the Hawk is a reasonable extension and can actually allow Rexxar some decent burst damage.

Critical Care can save Misha from some dire situations, which becomes increasingly important as the game (and her death timer) extends. Again, Mend Pet isn’t Rexxar’s premier ability, and this should probably only be chosen if Misha can get absolutely nothing done before being blown up.

Level 20 Talents

Recommended: Any

This is a contested tier with a lot of middle-of-the-line options.

Hardened Skin is always a good ability as the game comes to a close because of how important staying alive becomes. Being able to shed 75% of damage dealt to both Rexxar and Misha for 4 seconds can be the difference between a win and a loss, though a degree of timing is required.

Both Spirit Bond and Kill Command accentuate their respective heroic abilities well. Spirit Bond goes a long way to finishing a Misha-centered build, and the immense lifesteal it provides can carry Rexxar through the late game. Kill Command‘s damage increase is negligible, but adding a 1.5 second root to each boar is not. As far as end-game CC goes, this is Rexxar’s talent of choice.

Frenzy of Kalimdor hits home the ‘Basic Attack’ build. With Misha’s newfound slow-on-attack and Rexxar’s rain of Basic Attacks, most enemies will have a tough time making it back to base.