Renegade Commander


Raynor, everyone’s favorite tutorial-bound marine, boasts a simple but deadly playstyle. Though he’s labelled as an assassin, he makes for a powerful team player with his attack speed buff and teamfight-swinging heroics. His auto-healing ability and disengaging Penetrating Round boost his survivability, but without an escape skill he is reliant on team support to get out of sticky situations.

The majority of Raynor’s damage comes from his auto-attacks, though he can spec towards Penetrating Round to make it pack a whallop. Since his attack speed buff radiates out to his team members, Raynor makes a teammate with other auto-attackers. Though his auto-attacks define him, his heroics are not to be discounted – both can pump up his damage output temporarily, helping him push through bases or lock down few kills.

  • Damage
  • Tankiness
  • Healing
  • Self-sustain
  • Utility
  • Mobility


Advanced Optics (D)

Basic Attack range is 20% further than other ranged Heroes, and you see 10% further than other Heroes.

Raynor’s Trait is what grants you such significant lane dominance against almost any Ranged Assassin. You’re able to slowly whittle down your foes, and do so from a safe distance. The extra vision is a bonus as well!

Penetrating Round (Q)

60 Mana
Cooldown: 12 seconds
Deals 525 (107 + 22 per level) damage and knocks enemies back.

Penetrating Round serves two purposes. When you’re dealing damage to an enemy Hero, Penetrating Round serves as a great ability to finish the trade off, by knocking back your opponent, and doing some extra damage at the end of the trade. The second purpose, is to knock back enemies who try to engage onto you. Always be aware that Penetrating Round is your only form of escape, so use it cautiously.

Inspire (W)

40 Mana
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Gain 30% bonus Attack Speed for 6 seconds. Nearby allies gain half of the bonus.

Inspire is a very effective laning tool, and a great steroid for your team during team-fights. I suggest only trading damage with the enemy team when you have Inspire off-cooldown, unless it’s an extended fight. Inspire will make you, and your teammates do a lot more damage, resulting in better yield out of your damage trades.

Adrenaline Rush (E)

Cooldown: 45 seconds
Automatically activates to heal for 960 (200 + 40 per level) when you are below 30% Health.

Adrenaline Rush is your personal Lord and Saviour. The ability is essentially a passive ability, because it automatically uses itself when you reach 30% Health. If this ability is cooling down, make sure you position extremely cautiously, because you’re basically a sitting duck without it. Stay behind your team, wait for Adrenaline Rush to come back up, and continue your antics.

Hyperion (R)

100 Mana
Cooldown: 100 seconds
Order the Hyperion to make a strafing run dealing 145 (31 + 6 per level) damage a second, hitting up to 4 enemies. Also occasionally fires its Yamato Cannon on Structures for 1740 (372 + 72 per level) damage. Lasts 12 seconds.

Hyperion is a fantastic zone-control tool, and deals a decent amount of Area of Effect damage. While Hyperion is definitely more suited towards a structure-destroying, or laning build; it can still be very useful in team-fighting situations. Hyperion is a great Heroic choice on zone-control maps, such as Cursed Hollow, or Sky Temple.

Raynor’s Raiders (R)

100 Mana
Cooldown: 80 seconds
Summon two Stealthed Banshees that attack an enemy. Each Banshee deals 96 (20 + 4 per level) damage a second and lasts 22 seconds. Can reactivate the Ability to retarget the Banshees.

Raynor’s Raiders are a fantastic tool for dealing consistent single-target damage. For coordinated teamfights, the Raiders are the better choice as a Heroic, because they stick to a single target, allowing your team to burst someone down quickly.


Level 1 Talents

Recommended: Seasoned Marksman

Because Raynor is such an auto-attack based Hero, Seasoned Marksman is the best level 1 talent for him. For the first bit of the game, make sure you’re soaking a lane, and killing minions as quickly as possible. If you’re able to roam (while leaving someone to soak), do so in order to pick up more minion kills.

Level 4 Talents

Recommended: Focused Attack

Focused Attack will provide you with the burst damage necessary to secure your team kills. With Seasoned Marksman constantly ramping up, Focused Attack will deal a tremendous amount of damage during the late game, which makes you very difficult to deal with.

Level 7 Talents

Recommended: Revolution Overdrive

Revolution Overdrive will help you with your complete lack of mobility. Using Inspire will now grant you a 10% movement speed increase, with a bonus of 5% for each allied Hero in range. In team-fights, this talent will allow you to stick on the targets that you’re auto-attacking, or disengage from enemy Heroes.

Level 10 Heroics

Recommended: Raynor’s Raiders

Hyperion definitely has it’s uses, and sometimes is worth picking up; however, Raynor’s Raiders prove to be a much more consistent form of damage, and lend to Raynor’s kit a lot better than Hyperion does. Unless I think my team will need the zone control that Hyperion provides, I almost always select Raynor’s Raiders for my Heroic of choice.

Level 13 Talents

Recommended: Giant Killer

In every single situation, I always go with Giant Killer. Raynor’s damage is almost exclusively based on his auto-attacks, and the extra 1.5% damage from Giant Killer adds up very quickly, because of the attack-speed steroids that Raynor’s kit has. The other talents on this tier are sub-par, and don’t provide you with much of anything.

Level 16 Talents

Recommended: Berserk or Bullseye

Level 16 is a bit of a toss up for Raynor. If my team is having a difficult time landing kills on targets, or we’re lacking crowd-control, I’ll get Bullseye. One misstep from a squishy enemy Hero, Bullseye‘s stun plus a bit of damage is enough to send them fleeing, or perhaps score you a kill. In most situations, I select Berserk because of the dual-purpose function. Berserk provides you with extra damage, and gives you a nice movement speed increase to avoid being killed.

Level 20 Talents

Recommended: Nexus Frenzy or Bolt of the Storm

In almost every situation on a Ranged Assassin, it’s smartest to go with Bolt of the Storm. I would advise that choice with Raynor as well, because of his difficulty surviving. If you find that aren’t dying very often, Nexus Frenzy is an incredible increase to both your damage, and your range, and I recommend taking this if you think you can manage it. With all of your other auto-attack talents, Nexus Frenzy turns you into a long-ranged damage dealing menace.