This druid prodigy has some powerful healing up his feathered sleeves, and extra utility to boot. His heal can sustain a single target over time, making him an excellent companion to a hard tank. With roots and reveals rounding out his arsenal, however, he can slide into most compositions without complaint. His choice between heroics gives him the opportunity to become a dedicated healer or spec to damage and silence clustered enemies.

Malfurion has an incredibly beneficial trait that allows him to restore mana to allies – this should be used whenever off cooldown on an ally who relies on abilities. As Malfurion levels, he’ll have the opportunity to pick up additional utilities like Scouting Drone and Cleansing, should the situation call for it. Overall, Malfurion is a capable and versatile healer.

  • Damage
  • Tankiness
  • Healing
  • Self-sustain
  • Utility
  • Mobility


Innervate (D)

Cooldown: 30 seconds
Grant allied Hero 15% of their maximum Mana over 5 seconds.

Innervate is such an incredible Trait. To use this ability most effectively, consider the necessity of your teammates’ Mana pools in reference to their kit. Example, if you have a Jaina, Johanna, and Zeratul on your team, it’s probably smartest to use Innervate on Jaina, because her damage is almost entirely reliant on Mana. Use this ability on cooldown, to maximize it’s regeneration potential.

Regrowth (Q)

60 Mana
Cooldown: 7 seconds
Heal target ally for 294 (54.6 + 12.6 per level) Health instantly and an additional 735 (136.5 + 31.5 per level) Health over 10 seconds.

Regrowth is Malfurion’s primary healing ability. Boasting a fairly low cooldown, Regrowth places a Heal over Time onto an allied Hero, which expires after 10 seconds. Malfurion does best over extended fights, because of the nature of how Heal over Time spells work. The greatest part about Regrowth, is that you simply place it on your allied Hero, and continue to do other things, such as Basic Attacks, Moonfire, or catching your target in Entangling Roots.

The only thing you need to be worried about with Regrowth, is that it’s not a great healing ability to counter burst damage, so be careful around Heroes like Kael’thas, Zeratul, or any other high-burst Heroes.

Moonfire (W)

20 Mana
Cooldown: 3 seconds
Deal 230 (40 + 10 per level) damage to enemies within target area and reveals them for 2 seconds.

Moonfire is Malfurion’s main damage-dealing ability, and is a fantastic tool for scouting out areas before walking into them. Because Moonfire is such a low Mana cost, it’s a great ability to spam during lane for extra damage and pressure on your opponents. If you line this ability up in the right location, it can hit multiple minions as well — increasing your lane pressure and pushing potential.

If the enemy team has a Zeratul or Nova, always be watching for the glimmer on the map, because one Moonfire spell will remove them from stealth, and will completely ruin their attempts at dealing damage.

Entangling Roots (E)

65 Mana
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Root enemies within the target area for 1.5 seconds, and deals 255 (27 + 12 per level) damage over the duration. Affected area grows over 3 seconds.

Entangling Roots is Malfurion’s highest skill-cap ability — it’s truly what separates good Malfurion players from the great Malfurion players. Entangling Roots can be used to catch out enemy Heroes, stop or push an enemy wave from proceeding, and is fantastic for following up your teammates’ crowd-control abilities. The cast timer on Entangling Roots can be a little bit awkward at first, because it doesn’t root enemies right away — but once you figure it out, Entangling Roots is an absolute game-changer, and is your strongest ability in your kit.

Tranquility (R)

100 Mana
Cooldown: 100 seconds
Heals 200 (29 + 9 per level) Health per second to nearby allies over 10 seconds.

Tranquility is and Area of Effect Heroic, that heals everyone around you for 10 seconds. This is your strongest heal ability, and combats the previous problem of not being able to deal with burst damage. Tranquility needs to be a well thought-out decision, because when this ability isn’t available, it makes your team a lot easier to kill. Make sure you communicate the cooldown of Tranquility with your teammates, and try not to engage in any important fights without it.

The greatest part about Tranquility, is that the heal persists regardless of whether or not you’re under crowd-control.

Twilight Dream (R)

100 Mana
Cooldown: 90 seconds
After a short delay, deal 820 (136 + 36 per level) damage in a large area around you, silencing enemies making them unable to use Abilities for 3 seconds.

Twilight Dream looks fantastic on paper, but doesn’t really have much use asides from having fun in Quick Match. If you have another dedicated Support on your team, such as Rehgar or Uther, and you’re wanting to try something different — Twilight Dream can be an alternative Heroic choice, but I certainly don’t recommend it.


Level 1 Talents

Harmony is a great solution to the Mana cost of Regrowth. Considering how you’re going to be using Moonfire a lot during lane, and even during fights for extra damage and to reveal targets, Harmony is the best choice for level 1. Keep in mind that Harmony stacks, so after 6 casts of Moonfire, your next Regrowth is completely free!

Level 4 Talents

Elune’s Grace is probably my favorite talent option for Malfurion, because it increases your playmaking with Entangling Roots by a ton! The increase of range is extremely helpful for landing your Entangling Roots, and helps out a lot with your positioning, because you can heal your allies with Regrowth from a lot further, and contribute in teamfights with Moonfire from a safe distance as well.

Level 7 Talents

Level 7 is a bit of a toss up: You need to consider your opposing team. If they have a lot of crowd-control abilities, then going with Cleanse is the fairly obvious option. If you’re more concerned about their damage output, and your healing potential, I would go with Enduring Growth. It’s honestly a toss up for level 7 — but most of the time I find myself choosing Cleanse because of the extremely low cooldown and useful functionality.

Level 10 Heroics

Tranquility is the strongest Heroic option for level 10. The amount of healing you can put out in a teamfight is ridiculous with Tranquility, and it persists through enemy crowd-control. As discussed earlier, make sure you’re communicating the cooldown of Tranquility with your teammates, and be sure to avoid important fights when this cooldown isn’t available.

The most important reason for taking Tranquility at level 10, is you’re now able to safely deal with burst damage Heroes, which remedies the weakest part of Malfurion’s kit.

Level 13 Talents

Level 13 has 4 incredibly useful talent options. Life Seed is great for increasing your healing output, Full Moonfire allows you to clear minion waves if your team doesn’t have a lot of lane clear, Shrink Ray is great against high-damage compositions, or Heroes that like to dive onto you (Illidan and The Butcher), and Ice Block is very useful for surviving burst-damage situations.

Life Seed and Shrink Ray are the only two that provide constant use throughout the game, and I tend to choose these two above the others. Most of the time, I find myself going with Life Seed, because it’s such a useful tool in any situation — and gives you the opportunity to save more of your Mana pool for important situations.

Level 16 Talents

Hardened Focus is definitely the strongest level 16 talent for Malfurion. Because of your positioning (being further back because of Elune’s Grace), you don’t take a lot of damage if you’re playing Malfurion correctly. Hardened Focus makes your cooldown management less necessary, because of the increased cooldown reduction.

There are also times where I choose Hindering Moonfire for level 16 — I only choose this option if I think my team will have a difficult time chasing down enemy Heroes. With Hindering Moonfire, you’re literally impossible to escape from.

Level 20 Talents

There are only really two options for level 20. It’s either Storm Shield, or Rewind. I find myself choosing Storm Shield more often, because again — it strengthens the weakest part of Malfurion’s kit: his ability to deal with burst damage. If you’re using Tranquility properly, you’ll have multiple allied Heroes around you during teamfights, so Storm Shield is a great addition to the survivability you can provide.

Rewind is useful because you can use any of your abilities twice; with the increased range on your Entangling Roots, catching out an enemy Hero can prove to be extremely devastating if you’re able to root them twice in a row.