Battlefield of Eternity

With two lanes and an arena-like middle, this map is driven by conflicts in center field’s objective – The Immortal.

Tomb of the Spider Queen

This map’s objective currency spawns in lane. This leads to brutal, streamlined conflicts rife with ganks and pushes.

Sky Temple

A huge map with objectives that require a team commitment. Heroes must claim Temples to blast down structures.

Garden of Terror

When night falls, heroes must scramble to kill Shamblers and collect seeds. 100 seeds yields a Terror to push in forts.

Blackheart’s Bay

Blackheart wants his booty back – collect coins across the map and pay him off and he’ll train his cannons on the enemy base.

Dragon Shire

Dragon Shire required coordinated play to snag both temples and secure the pushing powerhouse of a Dragon Knight.

Haunted Mines

The Haunted Mines amount to an underground battle arena – collect its skulls to secure a strong Golem.

Cursed Hollow

Periodic Tributes force on-the-spot rotation and tight skirmishes. 3 Tributes yield a Curse, allowing huge pushes.