Hero Guides

Lt. Morales

A kit full of single target buffs and team-wide mobility define this versatile healing hero.


Rexxar and Misha dominate Battlegrounds with their dual presence, defending allies and chasing down foes.


Swift and mobile, Kharazim unleashes heals between flurries of fists. His trait allows him to adapt game to game.


Siphon a hero’s life while simultaneously slowing and mauling them. Respawns at his ghost – he’s always on the battlefield.

The Butcher

Cleaving his way across the battlefield, The Butcher is a relentless assassin with massive damage output and self-sustain.


As resilient as she is righteous, Johanna blinds and disrupts enemies and is able to shed debuffs when focus shifts to her.


A pyromancer with a vengeance, Kael’thas can decimate enemies from afar with AoE damage, at the cost of survivability.


Sylvanas’s trait makes her a fantastic pusher, and her kit allows her a mobile and deadly teamfight presence.

The Lost Vikings

Three heroes in one, The Lost Vikings can separate to soak experience or clump together for mercenaries and fights.


Thrall’s melee prowess is matched by few. With his self-sustain and disruptive ults, he can both duel and brawl effectively.


With the ability to chain her spells together for maximum damage, she can burst a hero (or a team!) to the ground.


A ganker, initiator, and miniature army all in one, Anub’arak controls teamfights with his stuns and beetle-powered AoE.


Dunkmaster Flex excels at pushing out lanes with his minions and hurling AoE damage into the fray from afar.


Chen is the master of the art of bruising. By drinking often, he can survive and spam abilities all fight long.


Rehgar’s healing and mobility will prove a boon to most lineups, and his ability to trade should not be overlooked.


Capable of granting vision to key locations and pushing lanes, Zagara is as utilitarian as she is dangerous.


Aaaaaughibbrgubugbugrguburgle! Mrrllrrgglrlrll aaghimrrrgl brrrlmgrrragurgle! Barurglemrl!


A zippy healer with a map-wide presence, Brighwing’s trait heals nearby allies, allowing him to focus more on utility.

Li Li

A position-based support who can heal friends and blind foes, Lili dishes out assistance in the thick of a fight.


Tychus whittles away his enemies with relentless barrages while closing gaps or escaping with his grenade and dash.


An initiator who can pluck an enemy out of position from afar. While he’s not the tankiest, Stitches’s hook is a superb tool.


A punishing, self-sustaining AoE storm and strong ganker, Arthas is restricted only by his lack of mana and mobility.


The Lord of Terror manhandles enemy heroes, charging and displacing them. His health pool makes him a fierce brawler.


Tyrael excels at breaching the front line and dismantling squishy heroes. This initiator brings pressure to teamfights.


Beefy, obnoxious, and disruptive, ETC slides into teamfights and locks things down where fighting’s the thickest.


Though squishier than most warriors, Sonya has deceptive mobility and self-sustain in teamfights.


Muradin’s health and disruptive abilities allow him to bowl through teamfights, locking down targets with near impunity.


Kerrigan’s mix of melee damage and ranged crowd control make her a versatile assassin who can disposition enemies.


Elusive and deadly, Nova bursts her enemies down from the shadows. Her cloaking and decoys make her slippery.


Falstad’s mobility sets him apart – every minute, he can fly to somewhere on the map and unleash his potent burst.


Mobility and damage in a long range package – Valla’s place is around the periphery of a fight, picking off squishies.


Illidan’s acrobatics make him a difficult target to pin down, and his freedom from mana makes him a consistent threat.


Auto-attacks and a skillshot define this hero – though simple, he can inflict massive damage and boost his team.


Zeratul gives cloak-and-dagger a new meaning – between terrorizing squishies and cleaning up retreats, he does work.


A quintessential combat medic, Uther heals allies from the front line, where his crowd control makes a huge impact.


Malfurion roots enemies and keeps his allies’ health and mana pools topped off – reigns supreme over sustained healing.


A dangerous mix of support and damage, Tassadar performs many utilities while blasting down unsuspecting heroes.


An unorthodox support, Tyrande disrupts and scouts as much as she heals, covering a range of roles in any composition.


Apt at catching heroes out and at dispersing damage over an area, Nazeebo’s abilities lend him diversity.


A utilitarian hero with powerful zoning, crowd control, and push capabilities, Gazlowe can be built for situationally.


Unique among heroes, Abathur can push lanes, empower allies, and score kills from the safety of the base or the bushes.

Sgt. Hammer

A ranged assassin with potent siege capabilities and incredible artillery range, Sgt. Hammer shreds foes from a distance.