Li-Ming’s Stunning Design

The Nexus is getting a real treat with its next hero, Li-Ming. The fast-paced, spell-slinging wizard has a lot to offer.

Greymane is Transcendent

Greymane’s identity as a ranged/melee assassin gives him some perks, but his design may discourage comebacks.

Lunara’s Design Space

Lunara just got spoiled at Blizzcon, and we couldn’t be more excited. Her design space is more unique than it may seem.

Return of Diablo

Diablo is a brutal brawler who can really put enemies out-of-place – so why has he been snubbed for the past months?

MMR Hell

It’s easy to blame matchmaking and teammates when games are going wrong. Are you in MMR Hell?

The State of Supports

The Lt. Morales patch brought some changes to the support pool, warranting a closer look at where each falls.

Storm Elite League

SEL is a private, invite-only league where professional players practice and broadcast their skills.

Adaptability and Weakness

HotS is certainly a war, and the best players approach it artfully – come consider its more subtle elements.

Anticipating Rexxar

Rexxar is an upcoming hero with some unique and exciting mechanics. Get hyped as we break down what we know so far.

Burst-master Butcher

While The Butcher makes for a late-game powerhouse, speccing for ganks destroys squishies and helps his team snowball.

Multishot Valla

Valla boasts a number of viable builds in the current meta. This guide goes over her Multishot build.