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Quick Match is a place to broaden your understanding of the game – the guides here delve under the surface of the heroes and maps that make HotS tick.

Hero League explores more intermediate skills, including positioning and drafting, to help you prepare for the next level of play.

eSports brings the human aspect of HotS to life. Here you can find tournament recaps, top team breakdowns, and interviews with professional players.

About Us

We are a pair of gamers dedicated to improving the quality of content available for Blizzard’s MOBA title, Heroes of the Storm. From intro hero guides to advanced drafting techniques, our goal is to help improve everyone’s game, whether it is their first match or their thousandth.

In other words, we’re after widespread competency. After all, if you queue up with hopes of being paired against a bad enemy team, you don’t actually like the game – you just like winning.

The Founders

HotSShot was founded by two Heroes of the Storm players who found the game’s content lacking. The two found each other through Reddit and, despite living in different countries, formed a solid partnership. After two long months of site construction, was released in late August and continues to release frequent and in-depth content.

You can find the Reddit thread that sparked it all here, if you are so inclined.


Rank 1 player and Fnatic analyst Kurtis “Kalamalka” Lloyd provides the astute competitive insight that this game community deserves. His years of game playing and competitive attitude landed him a gig advising one of the premier teams on the globe, and his “go-get-em” attitude makes him a valuable teammate and a dauntless worker, for a Canadian.

In addition to his competitive analysis duties, Kurtis is in charge of HotSShot’s video content and is proactive in contacting other members of the HotS community to make it a better place for all.

When he’s not working on the HotS scene, he’s probably watching his girlfriend stream League of Legends or hanging out with his cat Lenny. Though he works in a well-paid industry, it is Kurtis’s goal to someday forge his own living in the world of gaming he so enjoys.


English major and professional game writer Brody “Brodoleo” Leonard may not be among the echelons of competitive players, but years of gaming and producing content allow him to turn Kurtis’s insights into well-crafted and engaging articles. In game, he favors offensive melee heroes like The Butcher – though he’s a nice enough guy in real life, his aggression in the Nexus can be terrifying.

Brody pioneered the majority of the website’s design and continues to tweak it to make it the best it can be. Between keeping up to date with the competitive scene and trying carve HotSShot’s place as a well-reputed Heroes resources, the recently graduated gamer has a lot on his hands.

When Brody’s not playing or writing about HotS he’s likely writing comedy or enjoying the Southern California sun with his lady. He aspires to someday be on the Blizzard creative team, helping to craft games for the enjoyment of future gamers.