Zeratul: Mastering the Cloaked Menace

Zeratul is one of the strongest single Heroes in the game right now. With the ability to constantly be cloaked, providing global map pressure, Zeratul can dominate the laning phase of game, and transition that pressure into early objective control and teamfighting victories. This video goes over some strategies you can use to increase your gameplay, and your general understanding of how Zeratul works throughout the game.

  • Don’t always go for kills. Forcing an enemy to use the Healing Fountain, or even Hearthstone is a victory in itself.
  • Spend your early game collecting as many Regeneration Globes as you can. The amount of utility this talent provides is invaluable, and allows you to dip in-and-out of fights more easily during the late game.
  • Judge your opponents’ reaction time: the more you can get into your prey’s mind, the more damage you can deal before blinking away to safety.
  • Use your Void Prison dynamically. It’s an engagement tool, an escape tool, a set-up tool, and a zoning tool all in one.