How to: Ranged Assassin

Ranged Assassins are the type of Hero that everyone wants to carry with. It’s a common trend throughout traditional MOBAs, and doesn’t stop short when it comes to Heroes of the Storm. This video goes over some strategies that you can implement to increase your damage, survivability and general positioning when it comes to playing Ranged Assassins.

  • Don’t put yourself in situations where your opponents have clear and easy access to you for engaging. Stay out of sight, and out of mind.
  • Being aggressive is your job: consider your opponents team composition, and change your positioning and mentality towards the game accordingly.
  • Let your teammates soak up damage: you can dip out of a fight and stay on your mount if you’re low HP, just always be searching for opportunities to deal damage!
  • Don’t die. You can’t deal damage when you’re dead.