Multishot Build


Valla is an excellent Hero that boasts a number of viable talent builds. Valla’s primary build, known as the “Hungering Arrow” build – which can be found HERE – is a fantastic all-around build, and allows you to have high sustain, and high burst damage. This article will talk about the strengths, weaknesses and applications of building Valla with her Multishot build as an alternative.

Valla’s Multishot is a short ranged Area of Effect ability that is incredibly useful for clearing out waves of minions, or dealing damage in teamfights. It’s a very effective talent build on maps that require early-game lane pressure, or wave clear, such as Tomb of the Spider Queen, or even Battlefield of Eternity. In order to build Valla with her Multishot build, you need to take these talents:

  • Level 1: Composite Arrows.
    • This talent is an absolute must, because it increases the range of your Multishot ability. Obviously, it’s important in teamfights because it allows you to deal damage to enemies further away from you, and also allows you to position at a safer distance from your enemies.
  • Level 4: Arsenal.
    • Arsenal compounds your original cast of Multishot with a follow-up grenade wave. It increases the damage of your Multishot by a considerable amount, and can often times be the difference between getting a kill, or allow your enemy to escape.
  • Level 13: Frost Shot.
    • Not quite as important as the other talents, but it’s definitely worth picking up if you’re going with the Multishot build. Having your Multishot slow, in addition to having extended range from Composite Arrows provides Valla with a huge amount of increased utility in teamfights, and allows your team to chase down wandering targets with ease.


While I don’t think the Multishot build is quite as powerful as Valla’s Hungering Arrow build, I think it’s definitely worth discussing, as it has it’s uses in Hero League and the eSports scene. Valla’s Multishot build will increase your utility, and Area of Effect damage during teamfights, and will help your team out when you don’t have a strong Specialist or someone who can clear minion waves easily.